The Do Nothing Party

A Balanced US Budget

The Concept:

To vote NAY on every bill in the US Senate until an amendment is passed and made law for a Balanced Budget except in the event of a declaration of war. This would mandate Congress to pass budgets and live within their means. A true conservative approach.

Why This is Needed:

For the last 100+ years our politicians have run on the basis of being conservative only to be elected into office and then vote in favor of spending items that have spiraled the national debt year after year, and their only solution to date has been to raise the debt ceiling and borrow more money. Asking them to solve the debt crisis won't happen until they are forced to act. It is easier for them to vote for a higher limit then pass a balanced budget.

Both political parties want you to believe the office of President controls everything. In our opinion CONGRESS controls the money.


To elect senators who will be committed to voting NAY on every bill voted on until a new amendment is passed and made into law. Upon the law taking effect the elected senators would resign their seats and allow for special elections to be held in their respective states. Party affiliations are not required nor encouraged since all votes would be NAY.


The Means:

With the electronic age, a campaign could be set up with social media, emails, and a website. There is no need for contributors or special fund raising events, nor are they encouraged. Special interest groups and lobbyists deter current legislators from voting what their constituents need, demand, or ask for. Money talks in Congress and it is time for the people to talk.

The best way to approach this next election is for The Do Nothing Party to encourage a "write in" campaign and/or canvass for the required number of signatures to be placed on the ballot.

Why it Will Work:

The process for passing new USA laws is for both the House of Representative and the Senate to vote on and pass bills for the President to sign. Since there are only 100 Senators it makes more sense to vote in 51 Senators to get a new law passed or shut down the process thus forcing the issue.

Even with as little as 10 new Senators committed to the cause, both current parties would be forced to work together to get anything passed.

To be Considered a Candidate:

1) Agree to run for office,

2) Agree to be in the US Chamber vote Nay and only NAY on every bill presented until a bill is presented for amendment to the constitution for a Balanced Budget,

3) Agree to leave office upon passage of the bill and resign your seat for a special election,

4) Agree to not work with any lobbyists or special interest groups that offer money or other compensation that try and get you to vote anything besides NAY,

4) Agree to be IMPEACHED if you change your mind.


Georgia: Vote for Matthew Beinke as a write in candidate for US Senator In 2020. It's time to see clear into the future.

(If you want to be considered for your state, email your details to the link below.)

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